The Spinfire Pro 2 Tennis Ball Machine

The Only Consumer Tennis Ball Machine That Does Not Warn You Of The Ball Direction


(Includes Remote Control & Battery. In Stock & Ready to Ship Today)

Note: The so-called ‘Best Ball Machine’ websites will only list us if we pay them. We only sell direct.

Therefore we do not appear even though we are known as one of the best ball machines worldwide. Check below!


The Spinfire Pro 2 in Action:

The Spinfire Pro 2 Has More Features Than Even More Expensive Machines, Including:

  • Disguised Ball Delivery – The Spinfire Pro 2 does not warn you which way to run when practicing in player mode. This is one of our top features. Don’t settle for old technology where the machine moves the way the ball is going to be thrown.

  • Membrane Touch Panel & LCD Display – No old school dials & rocker switches here or worse, no display at all.

  • Direct Touch Remote Control Included – This credit card-sized feather-weight remote control controls all functions from the other side of the court. It even works on the fly. Don’t settle for a smartphone app which is proven much harder to use, interrupts your play and which you can drop and damage.

  • 200 Ball Hopper – Play longer before you need to pick up the balls.

  • Works With all Tennis Balls – Use regular tennis balls, our long-lasting SetPoint Pulp Premium Pressureless Balls or even children’s tennis balls (just not the red dot one which is too big).

  • Lightest Portable in its Class – The external battery pack model is 12 lbs lighter. Leave the machine in the car. Bring in only the battery to charge. Replace batteries in an instant. The machine remains stable without the battery inside.

  • Multiple Power Options – The Spinfire is internally wired to use our external battery pack, internal battery, AC Adapter or all 3 on the same machine no matter which one you buy.

  • Self-Calibration – There is no need to center the throwing wheels on start up because that’s a pain. It is done automatically – every single time.

  • Snooze Mode – Save battery life while picking up balls or someone talks your ear off.

  • Suitable For Any Court Surface – The magnetic horizontal sensor ensures even clay court dust will not hamper machine operation.

  • Custom Designed Impact Resistant Contemporary Body – No metal to rust or dent here or kludgy plastic flaps for a ball hopper, not to mention the ovoid-shaped body is a real beauty. It costs a lot more to make molds to be able to do this but it’s all in keeping with Spinfire’s premium quality.

  • Quieter Operation – You and players on other courts will appreciate this.

  • Safety – The unique feeder auto-disable feature ensures you don’t get hit in the head by an errant ball while picking up balls.

  • Extensive Diagnostic Messages for Trouble-Free Operation

  • 2-Year Warranty – With optional extension to 4 years. And we don’t make you send in a warranty card!

  • The Industry’s Most Extensive Customer Support – US-Based, Not Foreign – 9am-7pm Mon-Fri, 10am-5pm Sat. Emails answered same day after hours, Sundays and holidays 365 days a year. You deserve it. No other tennis ball machine brand even comes close. Why not?

  • 30-Day 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee – This is how confident we are! Who does this? Use the machine for 30 days and if you are not satisfied just return it to us for a refund no questions asked (subject to our Return Policy below). We almost never get one back and certainly never because the machine does not perform as promised.

Programs & Settings Include:


Single Line drill (Practice a particular shot over and over)

2-Line Drill (Narrow, Medium & Wide)

Horizontal oscillation (Medium & Wide)

Vertical oscillation (for Depth/Height Variation)

Player Mode (aka Random/3d/All-Court Mode)

Extreme Topspin & Backspin (10 Levels of Each)

2-15 Sec. Interval Between Balls (go at your own pace)

20-80 mph Ball Speed (for beginners to experienced)

Elevation Control (Horizontal to Lob)

Last Settings Saved in Memory (No need to re-enter)

Padel Tennis Mode (2nd most popular sport in Spain!)

Compatible with Padel & Paddle Tennis Balls (tested with both these ball types)



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