LTR Sports Inc dba Spinfire Canada is the exclusive distributor for the Spinfire line of tennis ball machines in Canada and in the USA dba Spinfire USA. We provide pre & post-sales and in & out-of-warranty support out of our offices and warehouse in Toronto, ON. The manufacturer, which is independent of us, is Fry Developments Pty Ltd, Melbourne, Australia and they can be reached at spinfiresport.com.

The Spinfire line of tennis ball machines is sold all over the world. It was developed by tennis enthusiasts just before 2010 ago in Australia, home of some of the greatest tennis players in history and a country where tennis is extremely popular. The Spinfire Pro 2 is the only consumer ball machine to incorporate internal oscillation, a feature that is only found in more expensive heavy metal tennis club machines and sensorless digital operation. The design team at Spinfire is dedicated to creating leading-edge, innovative and creative tennis products and adopting new technologies to provided enhanced features and flexibility.