Why We Recommend SetPoint Bounce Premium Pressureless Tennis Balls

Regular pressurized balls go flat quickly in a ball machine as they get hit frequently and are also squeezed through the throwing wheels every time they are shot. When they get flat this can result in inconsistent ball throws and jamming of the machine. SetPoint Bounce Premium Pressureless Tennis Balls were designed with the Spinfire Pro 2 in mind and do not have these negative qualities. They are much more economical over the long run as they last a long time. We do not recommend the budget-priced pressureless balls as they are of poor quality that do not last. You have chosen a premium tennis ball machine and it deserves a quality pressureless ball.

Note: Ball Capacities

Spinfire Pro 2 (purple control panel, sold after Oct 1, 2020) – 150 balls

Spinfire Pro 2 (white control panel) – 200 balls