23Ah Lithium Battery + Fast Lithium Battery Charger – No Battery Case or Cables


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Note: The included Fast Lithium Battery Charger must be used to charge this battery. Do NOT use an SLA battery charger as it will harm the battery.

You can now replace your old Sealed Lead Acid battery that is in your external battery pack or is inside your Spinfire Pro 2 (any model) with a much lighter Lithium battery. Our new 23Ah Lithium Battery has the following advantages over the standard SLA (Sealed Lead Acid) Battery which has been offered with the Spinfire Pro 2 to date:

  • 6 lb weight vs 14 lb, This makes both the Spinfire Pro 2 External Battery Pack model and the Internal Battery Model much lighter.
  • 4x the charge/discharge cycles, ie 2,000. This means the battery will have 4x the battery life before it needs to be replaced.
  • Faster charging time: 2.5-hr charge time for the Lithium Fast Charger vs 4 hours for the SLA Fast Charger. 8-hr charge time for the Lithium Standard Charger vs 11 Hours for the SLA Standard Charger.
  • Up to twice the power of an SLA battery as the voltage never declines as the battery depletes, which is typical with SLA batteries.
  • 2 year Battery warranty vs 6 months for the SLA battery. Charger warranty: 1 year.
  • 23Ah capacity vs 20ah. This means 15% more running time.
  • 100% reliable & safe.

The battery is provided with a 5-hr Fast Lithium Charger with our custom XLR connector. It must be used to charged this battery.

If you are replacing a sealed lead acid battery with this battery please check the metal ring terminals on the battery cable that is attached to the terminals on your battery. Older cables may only have a 4mm inner hole but newer cables have a 6mm inner hole and the latter is required to connect to this battery. Please refer to the image at the left which shows the measurement we are referring to. If they are 4mm you can purchase a newer battery cable here.

You can also save some money by replacing the terminals yourself. To do this you would unscrew both terminals from the battery, then cut off the old terminals where they meet the red and and black wires, strip the wires 1/4″ and then crimp on the new terminals which we will provide for free. You would need a crimper to do this, available at a hardware store for under $20. When ordering please let us know if you need the terminals.


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