Spinfire Pro 2 Tennis Ball Machine with Slimline Remote


Programs Include:

  • Single Line Drill
  • 2-Line Drill – Narrow, Medium & Wide
  • Horizontal Oscillation Drill – Wide & Medium
  • Vertical Oscillation – Can be combined with drills
  • Elevation Control – Can be combined with vertical oscillation & drills to create various degrees of lobs
  • Totally Random Mode (also known as Player, 3D or All-Court Mode)

This can all be combined with:

  • Speed of 32-130 km/hr (20-80 mph)
  • Ball Interval of 2-15 seconds
  • 10 levels each of Topspin & Backspin up to extreme

Other Details:

  • Internal Oscillation which provides disguised delivery because the machine does not move. It’s the only way to use a Player Mode!
  • 200 Ball Capacity
  • Custom Designed Impact-Resistant Body & Hopper
  • Powder-Coated aluminum base and interior mechanics
  • Extreme Grip Throwing Wheels
  • Infrared & Magnetic Sensors
  • Self-Calibration on startup & shut-down
  • Ball Counter Feature
  • Either pressureless or pressurized balls can be used (but not the larger children’s red dot ball)
  • Ball Feeder Safety Feature
  • Membrane Control Panel with LCD Display
  • Extensive Diagnostic Messages
  • Weight – 18 kg (40 lbs) with external battery or AC, 24 kg (53 lbs) with internal battery
  • Storage Dimensions – 51cm W x 66cm W x 51cm L (20″ W x 26″ H x 20″ L)
  • Canada-Based Customer Support & Service
  • All machines include our full-function slimline remote control


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