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105 reviews for Spinfire Pro 2 (v2) Tennis Ball Machine – Includes Remote & Choice Of Power Option Ships June 5-12

  1. Jeffrey

    Nine month review with my Spinfire pro 2.

    I purchased the machine last fall (October 2021) and use it 3-4 times per week for 1.5-2.0 hour sessions. My ball count is now 80 000 and overall this is an excellent and reliable machine. I have the external battery which makes transporting the machine quite easy ( 67 years of age but fortunately very fit). At the time of purchase last year only the smaller external lithium battery was available and it has been fine for the above sessions. The battery however recently malfunctioned – fails to hold a charge and as it is still under warranty Leon has offered to replace it and is shipping a new battery this week – I like the fact that the smaller battery is only about 2 pounds and easy to carry in my tennis bag so I have again opted for the smaller lithium battery.

    Overall the machine is one of the best investments I have made and would recommend it 100%. Prior to the purchase I had owned another machine, that although reliable was certainly not in the class of this machine. I love how simple it is to select the various options with the hand control and make changes on the fly – the control unit is very responsive from anywhere on the court. I am a 5.0 player and this machine can give one a great workout.

    Lastly the service that Leons offers is fantastic – he will always answer the phone or get back with little delay. He is always helpful and has resolved any problem with no issues.

    If needed I would purchase the same ball machine again and it has my 100% recommendation.

  2. 007tennisbulb

    We love the machine, the whole family can get a good work out from it!

  3. Ed Baswell

    I bought this for my girlfriend and she absolutely loves it. She uses it almost daily. I researched portable ball machines thoroughly before deciding on the Spinfire. It offers the most features for the money, and the included, easy-to-use remote control was a big plus as well. Also, with the external battery option, the machine is easy to transfer in and out of the vehicle, and she can just leave it loaded in the vehicle and take the battery into the house to recharge. It’s a great setup that makes the machine really easy to use, so it gets used a lot.

    Another feature she loves is its versatility. She can set it up at center baseline, then using the remote she can set it to send balls consistently to a single spot (for working specifically on backhand or forehand shots), or she can set it Horizontal/Random drill mode which simulates playing against another person, with random short and long shots all over the court. It sends high lobs as well. It’s really a great machine…might be the best gift I’ve ever bought anyone!

  4. David Dumas

    The Spinfire Pro is one of those products that just works great right out of the box. This is one high quality machine. I know because I have been playing with a $7,000 Playmate commercial grade machine at my Tennis club. The Spinfire is super easy to use – I read the manual for 15 minutes. It delivers consistent balls at varying speed, height, spin, and location. The remote works great, so you can change settings on-the-fly, from the other side of the court. I had spent several months researching machines, and am so glad I finally went with this one. I would highly recommend this machine. Recommendation: Do not skimp for a $1500 machine, and do not splurge for a $3500 machine. The Spinfire Pro is the sweet spot in battery powered consumer machines.

  5. Jason

    Outstanding machine…backspin, flat, and topspin feeds work perfect. Have yet to have a single ball jam in several outings. Hidden oscillation will definitely keep on your feet with random vertical/horizontal oscillations. Top speed is fast. The Pro2 v2 is worth every penny and a great investment!

  6. Bernard

    1.I think a ball bag in addition to a hopper would be usefull
    2.a memory button to store 3 settings, which can be cleared and a new ones set up
    3. this would probably be too much but a portable sensor to put in the pocket or part of the remote that senses balls within 6 feet semi circle behind you to avoid injury

  7. Qazafi Memon

    Almost a month I Bought the machine + Cover + External SLA Battery + 288 pressureless balls.
    1. I am glad I did not go for lobster or Silent partner or any other brand.
    2. This is a great machine that works fine with no issues so far.
    3. Hit 4000 balls so far. It’s consistent and reliable
    4. Buying the cover was a good decision
    5. Pressureless balls are awesome they bounce the same or better than normal tennis balls and probably will last easily for 2-3 years. I bought separately the two tennis ball bags with insulation which hold 75 balls each.
    6. Bought the Ball picker roller / Kollectball with stand from AMZ. After hitting the balls it’s not easy to bend down and pick 280+ balls.
    7. battery life is also good, plays nonstop for 3 hours + at speed 10, and does not even lose 2 bars.
    8. Machine quality is very high standard + Big Wheels/ Remote.

    At the end of the day, I have improved my forehand and backhand, and no need for a partner. I hope I keep this motivation for a longer time :). Highly recommend and big THANKS to LEON.

  8. Jeff

    I bought the Spinfire, 144 of the Setpoint pressure-less balls, and the external lithium battery pack.

    The machine has fed about 15,000 balls so far. I have not had one single failure to feed in that time.

    It seems very durable and well built. Heavy plastic case, very solid motors and wheels inside. I suspect it will last nearly forever.

    I have hit the machine several times and depending on the force of impact, it can mess up the calibration. I have noticed that balls sometimes start going high after I hit one into the internals. Power cycling the machine re-runs the calibration process and solves the issue. Most impacts dont cause this problem, but once in a while it happens. Hitting the outside of the machine has never caused this, its only when I fire one directly into the opening.

    I initially was going to get one of the cheaper Lobster models. I didnt think I really needed a remote, or random modes, or a 2-line mode. But I am glad I went with the Spinfire.

    The remote is so handy, I would not want to go without it. Being able to pause the feeder, and change every parameter without having to walk to the other side of the court is great.

    The 2-line mode has been fun when I am practicing with my family. And the full-random mode (random horizontal and random vertical) is a decent match simulator and can provide a good workout if you turn up the rate of fire.

    I am also glad to have the lithium battery. Its a pretty heavy machine, so having a lighter, external battery makes lugging it around easier. My longest session so far is about 3 hours, and the battery showed no signs of slowing down.

    The pressureless balls have worked well. They feel maybe a tiny bit firmer than a standard ball, but its hard to notice. Weight is exactly the same as standard. At 15,000 feeds, each ball has been hit over 100 times, and there has been no loss of performance. The covers are durable, no issues at all with them.

    Overall the Spinfire has exceeded my expectations. I am very happy with it.

  9. Lily Huang

    We love this ball machine. It works great for beginners and intermediate players.

  10. Jeff

    Love this machine. Hasn’t jammed or malfunctioned once after about 5000 balls so far. Love all the variety of drills and shots. My game is improving because of lessons and this great machine!


    Love the machine. Very portable. I wish there was a restraining strap to hold the ball holder bucket on the frame when moving it around. Easy to set up. the remote control is very handy and allows you to make changes on the fly. I like its versatility in working with a high level player, but also down to a beginner. SpinFire has hit the nail on the head with their design of this ball machine. Looking forward to extensive use this summer

  12. David Willis

    Great ball machine. My daughter that is just starting to play has improved drastically in the past week. The machine is easy to adjust to get the ball perfect. It’s very quiet. We have two courts side by side and it is not disturbing to the other players. The setup and takedown are very easy and the luggage style telescoping handle works great. The machine saves your settings so that you don’t have to adjust every time. I have not found anything negative I could say about the machine yet. I even like the purple color.

  13. Matt W

    Love my Spinfire! Controls are simple to use, plenty of pace and spin, the elevation will literally throw you 40 foot lobs at the service line, and the remote works like a charm. Having a removable battery to charge at home is super convenient. Put it on wide mode for a full corner to corner sprint workout. Throw in the random height element and good luck getting more than a few balls back in play before you’re out of gas.

  14. Wes Asai

    We have owned a couple other ball machines before purchasing the Spinfire Pro 2. This machine is without a doubt the finest tennis ball machine on the market. This machine is quality built and has improvements learned from flaws that competitor machines suffer from. Programing is easy and the multifunction remote is a plus. I would recommend this machine for any level from beginner to pro. Customer service is top notch. Live people answer the phone, are knowledegable about their products and best of all they have the units in stock for immediate shipping. The brand may not be a household name like others who pay the reviewers to feature their product in “Best of” rankings, but once you try this unit, you will never consider any other unit. Very satisfied customer.

  15. RMV

    Omg, this ball machine is everything I wanted plus more. I’m still discovering it’s capabilities but I absolutely love it! I was also delighted to find that it weighs less than 40 lbs so I have no trouble at all loading it into my VW GTI and rolling it onto the court. Total win!!!

  16. Elizabeth

    I researched ball machines for several months before deciding on spinfire. Spinfire had great reviews, but my main concern was it being too heavy to lift in and out of my vehicle. I took a chance after seeing the return policy, and I’ve been very pleased. I am a small female and am able to lift it in and out of the back of the minivan with no issues. I did choose the external lithium ion battery though which is an added cost. The machine has been very reliable, even when I’ve hit a ball right back into the throwing wheel. Additionally my kids love to get it out to hit balls in the driveway when I can’t take them to the courts. I’m very pleased with my decision to get a spinfire.

  17. Beau

    I played college tennis and was looking for a quality machine that could fit in the back of my Accord. Very satisfied with my purchase. It’s fairly easy to move it from my car to the neighborhood courts, and it has enough speed too to keep my game sharp.

  18. Seckin

    Make no mistake and waste your time spending countless hours on other websites. First of all, this is one of the best tennis ball machines out there. More importantly, customer service is more than excellent. They do a terrific job with proactive communication to ship your orders on time. Given that the entire world is going through supply chain challenges, Spinfire team constantly communicated about my extra power supply. I am not going to get into specifics of the product. It is excellent. You definitely get the service you deserve.

  19. Dunn@53018

    What an amazing retirement gift from my wife. This machine has helped to reinvigorate my joy for tennis. I’m a lifelong player who by 66 grew rusty, but not so much anymore–at nearly 30,000 balls since summer and counting.

    Mine has the external lithium battery, which holds a charge for what seems like several 2-hour sessions. She also purchased the two-pack of pressure-less balls, which mystify me at how well they are holding up.

    I appreciate the machine’s internal random oscillation (which is kicking my bum), its small and convenient form factor and elegant design, and especially the remote–which works reliably from well across the court.

    Thanks to Leon for excellent customer support, even on a holiday!

  20. TGB

    Excellent machine. Great features, consistent, durable. Very nice full-feature remote. Portable, sturdy. Well worth the investment. Would buy again.

  21. Jason in Arizona

    I bought my the Pro2 six weeks ago and we love it. Looked for a tennis ball machine for months and was about to pull trigger on a Lobster machine but the reviews for this were so good. And now I can say they were all right! We bought 150 balls and everything else came with machine. Battery lasts a long time and very consistent machine. We’ve gone through over 8,000 balls and no problems. Buy and Enjoy!

  22. Jeffrey

    Spinfire Pro 2 – two week review. I have had two weeks to evaluate my new machine and to date I am extremely (100%) impressed. I am 66 years old and a fit 5.0 plus player. For the past 8 years I had a machine from a different company that was reliable and satisfactory but the Spinfire Pro 2 is in a complete different class. I recently relocated and decided to upgrade to this machine. I chose the option with the external battery so the machine would be lighter and I could leave it in the car. This was a very good choice as the machine in both compact, light and easy to lift. The larger lithium battery, like everything else, was on back order but fortunately Leon was able to offer me the smaller model that was available with the option to trade up later if is was not satisfactory. This battery probably weighs less than a pound and so far with one and a half hour sessions it has been fine so I will likely continue with it. Between hitting and while collecting the balls I put the machine on sleep mode which also extents the play time. The programming and adjustment is very simple and done on the fly with the remote control. The remote control is fantastic and 100% responsive (never need to click a second time) from anywhere in the court – compared to the remote on my previous machine it is an absolute dream. The function of the machine is perfect and there no cheating with the internal oscillation on the random mode – with my previous machine I was able to follow and easily anticipate which is now not the case. Overall the machine gives me a great workout for the 60 or 90 minutes that I play. Previously I used Penn pressureless balls that were never of great quality but very reasonable to purchase. I tend to change them twice a season. I decided to try the more expensive Set Point balls with my purchase. They seem to be of a good quality and play very well, actually like regular balls and if they hold up then I will be prepared to pay the extra cost for better quality. Leon was excellent to deal with and obviously knows everything about the product that he sells. I had an issue with the payment on my card due to a computer glitch when he was processing the order – when I later contacted him to clarify a matter in this regard I left a message after hours and within an hour Leon returned my call to clarify and help resolve the issue. During the winter in Victoria I use the machine at an indoor facility four times per week and cannot be happier with my new purchase.

  23. Don M

    I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. This is THE ball machine to buy, bar none.

    The internal horizontal oscillation keeps you guessing and an amateur will get some great cardio off even the Narrow oscillation setting. I’ve only had one jam in over 20,000 balls so far, and I think that was from me hitting a shot back inside the machine. The battery life on the standard battery is outstanding IMO and I have the lithium on the way anyhow (back ordered, NBD).

    Highly recommend!

  24. Fabrizio

    Best investment ever!!! By far beats all competition, if there is any!!! Customer support is amazing! Speak to Leon, he is the man!!!

  25. Stef C

    Great product. My wife and I got this for ourselves as an anniversary present. I did a lot of research on competing models and we could not be happier with our decision.

    A little bit of a learning curve on the some of the programming features. But overall very user friendly. Love the card remote. Much more practical than a phone app.

    Machine is light weight and easy to move in and out of the car. Good build quality. The external litium battery is a great option. Excellent battery life and you don’t have to move the machine around to charge it.

    One of the best features vs the similar Lobster or other competitors is the ball direction. It moves internally so the machine doesn’t tip you off on where the next shot is going.

    Lastly the customer support has been outstanding. My thanks to Leon for polite and professional service throughout. He answered all our questions and ensured that the delivery was prompt and followed up with us afterwards.

    In short, Highly recommended!

  26. Mike Stafford

    Excellent product. Exceeds already high expectations.

  27. Mark Fernald

    I played competitively when I was young but gave it about 45 years ago. I just retired and decided to try playing again. I was using a backboard for months but I wanted to judge where in the court I was hitting – something you cannot do with a backboard. I decided to look into ball machines. I studied the various machines on the market and read all the reviews. I was looking for a machine where both top and back spin could be imparted, ball velocities up to about 80 mph, drill capabilities, and a remote. The Spinfire machine had all those features, appeared to be well built, was recommended by some well known players and reviews gave high marks on customer service, so I bought it. I love it. The first week I hit over 2000 balls and the machine worked perfectly. Easy to set up and run. The remote is great. The only unforeseen cost that I did not consider was the cost of restringing my rackets because I use the machine almost every day.

  28. Alex

    For context,, I’m a 5.0 player. This machine is amazing. If you can get creative with how you use it, your consistency in shots will skyrocket in a very short amount of time. But for the price, it’s not without issues. Here is my list of the good and the not so good.

    * Easy to move around.
    * Easy to set up.
    * Even advanced players won’t need the highest settings.
    * A lot of different shots and spins.
    * Two people can use it at the same time.
    * Very accurate.
    * Speed and spin of the ball ranges from easy to unrealistically difficult.
    * Battery lasts forever.
    * Just the battery needs to be brought inside to charge.
    * The remote is great.

    * Remote range can be a little better. (Spinfire USA Comment: We have contacted the customer regarding this issue, which was not reported to us, as the range of the Spinfire Remote is designed and proven to be excellent even from the court fence).
    * Drills can’t be custom programmed.

    There really isn’t much to complain about. I use the machine every day and push myself to perfect my strokes. I noticed a difference in consistency during match play immediately. After my research, it’s this machine that gives you the most. Even pricier ones give less. I’ve had it for a month or so and I wouldn’t give it up.

  29. bartness19

    I decided to buy the V2 machine to replace my V1 due mainly to poor remote control range that had developed. Here is what I love about the V2 machine. For horizontal and vertical random, the machine is no longer continuously oscillating! It helps the battery, and the noise reduction is GREAT. It just makes it more enjoyable. The horizontal and vertical random features also are more effective and closer to match play than what the V1 machine offered.

    The V2 machine has the carousel rotating very fast than pausing after a ball is fired, as opposed to the V1 machine adjusting the carousel speed based on the interval. This means the last few balls are fired with very little pausing. No more waiting 10 to 30 seconds to see if more balls will be fired towards the end anymore. Plus, every single ball is fired on the V2. The V1 would always leave 6 to 10 balls (it should not really matter, but it just makes me happier to see no more tennis balls hanging around in the carousel).

    Remote control works behind the baseline now! Neither my V1 or V2 machine has ever jammed (25,000 total V1 balls). Smaller carousel and second grab handle are nice improvements, as is the slot to store the remote control. V1 machine was very heavy with an internal SLA battery. External lithium battery is a huge improvement.

    I have zero desire to program the machine to hit to different spots in the court or use a smart phone to control it. I can also say that getting ridding of those ball hoppers and changing to the Kollectaball was a massive upgrade which makes picking up the balls way more enjoyable.

  30. Mike Bolling

    This is an amazing ball machine. I have used previous ball machines at our club and there is no comparison to the Spinfire Pro 2. The Radom features are outstanding and produce actual match play. I purchased the external battery option and the portability of the machine is very user friendly. The only issue I have is as a retired sales exec you need to market this machine with more visibility. Spinfire is not a brand that is familiar to people in the tennis business i.e club tennis instructors. I can assure you that developing a more robust market strategy would send this machine to the outer stratosphere. I am going to get your name out there and get our club to buy the Spinfire Pro 2

  31. Skent

    I spent weeks doing my research and at a point, almost got frustrated with tennis ball machines that were available. Most of the ones that appeared to be good and durable were very old designs and often lacked something that I expected a modern ball machine to have. I was almost giving up when past midnight one day, my search landed me on Spinfire Pro 2’s webpage. It definitely pays to listen to your customers and work on feedback. The Pro 2 definitely is a remarkable improvement over Pro 1. It is pricey but I’m willing to pay extra for a great quality product. This machine does the job remarkably well. The design is compact and attractive.

    The only thing I am afraid might break is the retractable handle because I have seen something similar in a suitcase break on me. For the weight of the machine, one would expect a handle that is more sturdier. I plan to be careful with mine. It’s not too bad to warrant taking off a star.

  32. Jeff Brown

    Love the machine, works great, shoots fast and consistent with all the spin you need. The Spinfire USA support is fantastic. I love the small and very light remote – better than the competition! I took 1 star away for 2 reasons 1) one of the small metal wires near the ball carousel got caught by the carousel, bent and I had to fix it myself – seems to be staying put better now and 2) the digital display does NOT display the remaining energy in the battery accurately at all. It shows 4 out of 4 bars of battery for a long time, then drops off a cliff and within a minute or two quickly drops to zero. So the battery indicator basically doesn’t work at all. You can solve this by just charging after every use (don’t know if this is good for the battery or not) or estimate the remaining battery yourself based on time used and settings. Otherwise its a great machine!

    Spinfire USA Note: The above comment is with respect to the lithium battery not the sealed lead acid battery which does have an accurate battery indicator.

  33. P. Smoczynski

    For an entire winter I had researched ball machines. This is at my age, 67, probably my first and last ball machine. I hope to reinvent my game as I get older. So to practice efficiently and get a good work at my age, no more than 75 to 90 minutes on the court, it is imperative that I dictate the pace and tactical of my practice. That each ball in play is a reliable good ball. I no longer wanted to spent more time chasing and retrieving balls, but working the solution toward better technique. I must say the Spinfire pro fulfills all my needs. I have that much trust in the Spinfire Pro 2. On the advice of both a friend who owns a Spinfire and Leon, the lithium battery was installed internally. In all respects a perfect fit for my on court needs. The Spinfire with its remote performs as advertised. But I also am a very fickle own and I quickly vacuum the internal after each use. Also I strongly suggest to buy a cover, it is much too easy to allow debris to get into the inner workings. There is the question of price. It is worth the dollars. The size, the design, the displays and remote. It is a quality product with a range of options for any player at any level.

  34. Jim Laird

    Excellent machine. After much research, it came down to price vs. weight, as well as functionality. The other machines were cheaper but heavier, and didn’t appear to have as many options. In my case, weight and versatility won out over price. It took about eighteen days from order to delivery. I am very happy with the Spinfire’s abilities, from the built-in suitcase-like handle to all the ball control settings to the remote control. I opted for the external battery, so the machine’s weight is manageable. Even at 73 years old, I can lift it into the back seat of the car. Having played since the days of the wood racquet, I can confirm that this machine is a worthy opponent that will put you through your paces. Highly recommended.

  35. Luko

    So far so good, purchased this ball machine recently for my teenage kids, they used it a few times already and they like it very much. I carefully research several different ball machines and after a while decided to get Spinfire Pro 2. I also purchased the ion battery, the charger, the cover, pressure less tennis balls, the whole package and I am satisfied with everything.
    I would recommend this machine to anyone that is trying to improve their tennis game, because you can make so many more shots in shorter period of time. The random option is very helpful among all others features that machine offers like built in oscillator, remote control as so on.
    Leon was very helpful and accessible, I called after closing time, left message for Leon, and he called me back same evening, hard to find this level of accommodating service these days.
    He sure has earned my business and loyalty.

  36. Fan

    Nice way to learn tennis. Enough exercise for one hour in any single day. Won’t easily get bored as the balls can have different trajectories, height, speed, and topspin. When you have a group of odd number of players, the extra person can always practice against the ball machine.

    I wish there is a drill mode with more random settings, but even without it the machine is already quite good. Hopefully it will become more affordable in coming years.

  37. Peter Vu

    The SetPoint balls and Spinfire2 machine is an investment in your health! If you can’t find anyone to hit with, Spinfire2 is your hitting partner that never misses and gives you a great workout!

  38. Jon K

    Very well made ball machine and my wife loves it ! Excellent communication and customer service. Leon answered all of my questions and went out of his way to make sure I was satisfied. I would not hesitate to purchase again.

  39. Thomas H Hutchinson

    Good experience

  40. Kate

    I love my Spinfire Pro 2. My husband bought it for me as a birthday gift. The remote works great from across the court. I had to play around with the settings a bit to understand how it shoots so many different ways. It fits easily in the back of my car, too. Customer service has been excellent as well. My remote fell out of its slot and they replaced it promptly. Maybe add some Velcro to the back of the remote so it doesn’t fall out of its slot during transportation.

  41. Tony


  42. mvo

    Spinfire Pro 2 (v2) External Battery Model: Everything on this machine worked perfectly from the start. I’ve never owned a machine where every ball goes through the hopper every time. The customer service is second to none–this means you, Leon. So light and compact and yet so powerful on the court. I could not be happier with this purchase.

  43. Greg

    I have been practicing with my Spinfire Pro2 almost daily for three weeks now. My Spinfire (nicknamed Chuy) is everything I hoped it would be. I am very pleased with the machine. While I haven’t used all of Chuy’s capabilities yet, I have used many of the options. I am a mid-range (4.5) player and have used the machine to work on high, medium and low volleys as well as half volley approaches. I have also practiced normal strike zone and high (over the shoulder) groundstrokes in both horizontal random, and narrow and medium wide drill modes. A few times both my wife and I have practiced at the same time in horizontal wide drill mode. I am definitely seeing an improvement in the pace, location and consistency of my return shots. I started by using settings (interval, spin and speed) that were roughly mid-range, but have changed these up to higher levels as I have improved, but I am still below two-thirds of max range levels on all settings. Chuy definitely has plenty of capability to help improve my game for years to come. The remote works perfectly from across the court. The small size and weight makes it easy to just keep the remote in my pocket during my drills. The feed button is conveniently placed so that I can locate it by feel from inside my pocket without removing the remote from my pocket. I love how lightweight Chuy is. I am glad I purchased the external lithium battery option which makes the weight easily manageable for an older guy like me (62). It is very easy to set Chuy up and break him back down between uses. All electrical connections are solid and secure with quick disconnect and visible alignment features. I can tell that a lot of thought has gone into the design of the machine to make it easy to use; and I can also see that you have listened to customer feedback and improved the product from its earlier versions. Good job! Very well done! Customer service was great and delivery schedule was as promised. I did purchase the Setpoint pulp tennis balls and have been pleased with their performance (bounce and feel) as well. The ball cover durability has also been excellent so far. I have no complaints or recommended improvements as yet. Thanks so much for a great product! I’ll provide a future updated review after I’ve had more time with Chuy.

  44. Nelly Tan

    I had the first spin fire and I loved it. But the Spinney thing stopped working after five years. This new version is a great version of all the things that could be better with the old version and it’s a huge upgrade. I bought the external battery which made it so much Lighter to carry. The unit is also slightly smaller than the first version which is nice because I’m a small woman and it’s easier to maneuver. The spinning system is more robust and is more consistent with emptying all the balls. The Remote control is so much better and you can control all the functions that you would on the main panel directly from the remote including interval, and speed which we couldn’t do before. I love this machine. It’s awesome and probably the best one out there.

  45. LV Raider Fan

    This ball machine is worth the money. The biggest plus about it is EVERY SINGLE BALL SHOOTS. There are no balls leftover in the hopper. I have had the Silent Partner Edge Lite-R and the Lobster Elite 3. Both of those leave a few balls leftover. The internal oscillation combined with the random shooting makes me become more alert in hitting, while the narrow horizontal setting makes it so I don’t need to sprint sideline to sideline. The bigger wheels is a huge improvement over the first version. The only slight issue, which is very minor, is I wish the machine along with the hopper lid would be able to fit into the trunk of my 2018 Toyota Camry together. The instructions say to leave the machine upright at all times, so I need to leave the hopper off to make it fit. It’s minor because both the hopper and the machine still only fills up half of the trunk. The external battery does weight about 16 pounds, but it is a lot easier to get the machine in the vehicle then the battery, as opposed to the machine and internal battery together. Well built machine and great responsive remote! Keep up the good work!

  46. Erin

    I like everyone else have researched ball machines to the max, sometimes coming out totally confused. I have contacted Leon at customer service and was able to answer all my questions regarding the machine to pressureless balls. Honestly I think I spoke to his about five times before I gave up my hard earned cash. I honestly don’t think he minded because he sleeps next to the phone and has alway picked up by the second ring.
    Bottom line, customer service is great.
    On to the machine. I totally love it. Pros-easy to learn the control panel, light enough for a women to pick up into an SUV (I did get the external battery) and easy to wheel to the court. Next step is improving my tennis game.
    Game on!

  47. VJ

    I bought the Spinfire Pro 2 machine with external battery at the end of 2017 for my daughter after much research and practice with loaners of other brands. Like the positive comments from previous reviewers, this machine is great for all-around practicing. It is simple to use, versatile and differentiated from other popular brands with the internal turning mechanism. We are very happy with the purchase – especially so this year. The after-sale service is great. About a week ago, the battery could not power my machine. I had a broken power plug on the external battery bag. Trying to fix this problem, I ordered a new external power cable and a new battery bag. Leon helped me to correctly identify the problem. He offered me a free replacement of the cable and refunded me my purchases (as I don’t need them). In sum, great machine, great service, great people! Thanks again, Leon!

  48. Douglas Mo

    I bought this machine to practice volleys and overheads. I have had it for two weeks and so far It fully met my expectations. It is very versatile, can accommodate baseline, volley and overhead drills. Extremely happy with my purchase, definitely worth the investment.

  49. Wayne

    After considering other more well known ball machines I found the Spinfire Pro 2 to have the features which I most wanted. For example, due to the standard external battery, I don’t need to take the machine indoors to charge which is a huge plus. The internal oscillation and wonderfully small and feature rich remote are also why this machine is set apart from the competitors.

    Lastly, Leon is always available for issues or questions which might arise. I have never seen such prompt response in an era in which, for example, five calls to customer service will be answered by five different people. Leon knows this machine very well and can give guidance when needed.

    If you are on the fence like I was, let me just say that you will not be disappointed with this machine. It might cost a bit more, but the standard features which are included in the price are why you will congratulate yourself for making a great decision.

  50. Spinfire Canada

    ***** Please note that reviews from here on refer to the previous version of the Spinfire Pro 2 *****

  51. Lisa M. New York

    Here’s why I bought and love this machine: My ATP-touring friend who was under 100th in the world and who regularly uses a ball machine helped me select mine. He picked the Spinfire because it had the most variety of shots.

    When I did the diligence to compare it to other products, I called the major companies to ask about the product, and was instantly sold on Spinfire because of the knowledge, and confidence in, the product that Spinfire’s team conveyed. My calls made me conclude that Spinfire was more modern and better built, and would support the product better.

    I’ve been completely satisfied, and every time I have a question about features, or do stupid and try unsuccessfully to break it (like plugging the two ends of the battery into each other), I email and within hours get a personal response -even on weekends and holidays. Example- This Labor Day weekend it wouldn’t start, and Leon (who seems like he can build and repair these things himself) emailed me back in 15 minutes to say that I probably blew the battery with my stupid plug trick, and he gave me detailed step-by-step, very clear directions on how to replace it with the spare fuse that they tucked into a pouch in the case. 3 day weekend saved. I mean, come on. Every company should have a Leon.

  52. Dave

    I love this machine. Received it beginning of August and have used it at least 10 times. Every reason I could come up with in determining which machine to buy came out perfectly for me. Here are my reasons. 1 – It is simply built. The more complicated something is the more likely it will breakdown. 2 – It is very easy to use. The remote is light, well thought out arraingment. All the variability in function that anyone would want. 3 – Fits my purpose. I am in my 60s. Played on college team, #2 singles, #1 doubles, played at 4.0 to 5.0 when I was in school. Topspin, flat, cut shots, speed, lobs, time interval. 4 – Easy to transport and holds enough balls. Wheels and extendable handle make it easy. External battery helps reduce weight to put in and out of car. I bought 2 bags of balls, around 150 in hopper at a time is just right. I will run through 3 sessions. 5 – Quiet – this is important. It is very quiet. If you are on a court and others are the court next to you you don’t want to make them mad. 6 – External battery is great since I. don’t want to move a machine into my place to charge. Trickle charge is enough over night and I will charge after about 3 outings. I have never had it not work so I don’t know how long I can go on a single charge. 7 – I like the mechanics that it will pivot internally to spread the shots to forehand and backhand. If you look really hard at the machine from across the court you can see where it is going but you have to really look. I’m glad it doesn’t show its hand easily.

    I love it, love it. Yes, it is pricey but the health benefits, the game improvement that it will ultimately make and the friends you make by their curiosity is well worth it. And knowing that if it breaks down in a year or more, if it does, I can probably fix it myself.

    BTW – the other machines I considered, Lobster Elite Grand 5, Spinshot Plus 2, Hydrogen Proton.

  53. Trei

    This is a game changer, I have improved all aspects of my game within a month. Absolutely love this machine and I’m addicted to playing more and more!

  54. Tom

    I received my Pro 2 a month ago. I use it 3-4 times each week and it far exceeds my expectations. I’m a former competitive junior player who is just getting back into the game after a 20 year break. The Pro 2 has allowed me to get my strokes back quickly and also gives me a great workout with the side to side line drill options. I also appreciate the ability to adjust the ball speed, spin, and trajectory with the touch of a button on the remote. What a difference from the old vacuum powered machines I grew up with!

  55. Paul B Gill

    This machine is fantastic! It is very consistent and has lots of variation available. I especially like that the random control is internal so you can’t see which way the ball will shoot in advance (unlike some other competitors). Also, I like having an external battery so I can leave the machine in the car and just take out the battery to recharge. Also, been using the AC adapter as well. This machine exceeded my lofty expectations!!

  56. Atul

    I bought this machine for my daughter. Her ground strokes needed consistency. Have been using it for 3 weeks now and very happy with the machine. Easy to carry, fits easily in my trunk, super easy controls. Ball speed, spin & trajectory, once adjusted, are consistent. Built quality seems great. Will highly recommend it without any reservation – you will not get a better machine for the price point. I just wish that Spinfire should offer a higher model with programmable drills. That is one feature I miss and would not mind paying more for. All in all, the pro 2 is a top notch product.

  57. Jiten

    Been using this for the past month with the recommended pressureless balls which has been great.
    Relatively lightweight to transport, move in and out of a vehicle and the wheels and handle works well.
    It does take a few sessions to get a good feel for the settings such as speed, spin, elevation depending on what aspect of your game you want to focus on. The oscillation features are great to simulate more of a matchplay situation. No complaints so far, charges easily and no doubt will have endless hours of fun with this. Already starting to see my game and consistency improve and have become the envy of a number of people at my local public tennis court.

  58. Jeff OSBORN

    Waited 20 years to purchase a tennis ball machine. Spent hours researching performance and features and by far the best bang for the buck. Dont waste your money and buy something else. I ues it almost everyday and has been everything I ever wanted and more.

  59. Rocket

    Very satisfied user. I did a lot of market research before buying and this unit is a step above the rest. A little more expensive but I wanted to get a quality product that was easy to use and dependable – done!

  60. Zachary Rosen

    I conducted a lot of research online of tennis ball machines – from few features (lowest cost point) to the most features (highest cost point). The Spinfire 2 is in the highest class of portable ball machines. I chose this machine for it’s look, largest ball capacity on the market (200 balls), high speed, drills, and other features I am slowly coming to learn and incorporating in my practice routines, as well as reading reviews and watching reviews on YouTube. My forehand and backhand as well as volleys have gotten better. Having been away from tennis for over 20 years, I decided to get back into it due to the Coronavirus closing down all of the gyms where I have primarily been a squash play 4-5 times a week. I played on the tennis team in high school and am really glad to get back into tennis and the outdoors. The Spinfire 2 ball machine makes practicing a lot of fun and has motivated to be a better player. Thanks for creating an excellent product.

  61. Ruben

    I been playing with the machine for about a month now. Works great, but the only issue is that it does leave several balls in the hopper after each bucket. I wish it would be able to use all the balls and not leave some left in the hopper. All in all great machine.

  62. Patrick

    First ball machine. Many months reading and researching led me to the spinfire. After only two weeks of use, I am still learning about the features. There were some technical problems the first days, but Leon got on that right away and troubleshoot the problem. Fast & easy!
    With a hopper full of balls and horizontal function on, you will be sweating in no time. All good and functional fun.

  63. Robert Wertzl

    I like the machine, especially the exterior battery. It was easy to receive and get working. It has an easy 2-ball drill feature where it throws the ball to the forehand then backhand. I have had the machine just a few weeks, and this is now not working right. 2/3 of the balls go where they should, but then sometimes it throws five in a row to one side, in rapid succession. Then it will do the same to the other side. Sometimes it throws three to one side. So, I am a bit concerned. Other than that it works well. I hope this does not become a bigger problem.

  64. Joe Ball

    This was a upgrade purchase from a basic ball machine. It met all my expectations, Arrived quickly after I placed my order. Easy to get up and running. Love the remote to adjust on the fly—- love the spin settings. My daughter and I both use this machine. She is a high school player- I am a decent club – league player. It works great for us and will keep for a long time..

  65. Tim Bulleri

    I received my machine 4 weeks ago. I unpacked it, and it was ready to use in 10 min. The controls are very simple to use, my 12 year old figured it out very quickly. I would highly recommend this to someone.

    Very great machine.

  66. Kirk

    I have owned several ball machines over the past twenty years and I can say this is the best ball machine I have had up to this point. I love the fact that it is very portable. I bought the external battery and it’s real easy to to transport the machine. I also like the idea that you can change the ball speed , height etc. I made a photo copy of the suggested controls and taped it to the ball hopper so I have immediate access to the controls for Beginner to advanced players. If you are looking for a ball machine I would highly recommend Spinfire Pro2

  67. Happy Dad

    This is the greatest tennis machine out there! It does exactly as advertised. The random play feature is exactly what I was looking for. My son and his friends love it!! Every time we have used the spinfire pro 2 we have played for several hours and the machine keeps firing out the shots. I can already see a huge improvement in my son’s game. Folks, if you are on the fence this is the machine you want!

  68. Ferrante G

    Fantastic! Did a lot of research looking into which tennis ball machine to buy, and the spinfire was the one that’s suited our needs perfectly. Nothing beats repetitive ball hitting for ground strokes and volleys, and the customizable features on it are great. I’ve done two-line drills with my wife as well as with both of our sons, and we always have a good time with it. Its portability is also a definite plus. We bought the ball machine earlier this past summer and are quite satisfied with the purchase. Finally, Leon with the company has been awesome, answering questions in a timely fashion. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this machine or the company!

  69. Spinfire

    In addition to the reviews from our customers below here are many more at this link from the Australian distributor who first introduced the Spinfire Pro 2 Tennis Ball Machine:

  70. Robert Lam

    Had the Spinfire now for over two months. Excellent product, excellent customer service (Leon). Had a couple technical issues: 1) operator error 2) remote not responding. Both issues was corrected with the help from Leon. I strongly recommend the Spinfire tennis ball machine.

  71. Kaz Hashimoto

    Very good machine. If you place the machine in the deuce court or ad court on the baseline you can practice all the possible shots coming from those angles as well. Good for practicing poach volleys for doubles, or practicing your defensive cross court shots or offensive down the line for singles match simulation. Although it says not to carry the machine with the balls in the hopper, I do it and could use a lid over the hopper so that the balls don’t spill. I use the cover to place over the hopper to act as a lid. I wish it had memories of few of your favorite settings, so that you don’t have to test the feed each
    time before a new drill.

  72. Glenn

    I’m a pro tennis coach and I’m using the spinfire every day with my student, kids and adults (and me) love this machine, work perfect with 2 line of kids in group class baseline volley and overhead are constantly therefore very helpful for students so they can focus on shape of stroke and building consistency… if you are looking to improve your tennis this is it!!!! 10+

  73. Dr. Scott Kramer

    I bought my Spinfire 2 ball machine back in 2014. And bought it because it does so many things well and is simple to operate. Great value for the cost as most options only found in higher priced ball machines. I upgraded to a new wireless remote too.

    After 5 years I can add it’s very dependable. I had to do my first service this past year. Leon patiently worked with me until we identified the problem and then had me ship in my control panel/circuit board that needed a part replaced.

    BTW here’s a link to a video documenting how I resurrected my tennis game after elbow surgery, learning a two-handed backhand that I could do drills with the Spinfire. https://youtu.be/uFW3SH6RfFU

  74. Tom Brown

    This is the one you want! Yes, you do want a remote. Yes, you do want the hidden drive unit. Yes, you want topspin, lob ability, random feeding, etc… And the balls the recommend are perfect.

    Did a ton of research, and this is the one, even though it’s the most expensive.

  75. John Gilette

    Everything about this machine is high quality. A machine in this price range should have preset routines and much more programmability with storage. Should have an app to program and control like spinshot player 2.

    Spinfire Comment: We really appreciate the compliment but to avoid possible misinterpretation we would like to point out the machine does have the following preset routines: 1-Line Drill, 2-Line Drill (Narrow, Medium or Wide) & Horizontal Drill (Medium or Wide), all of which can be combined with vertical oscillation and up to lob elevation. Lastly it also has a Random Player Mode where the machine does not move to warn of ball direction as do almost all other machines. We do not provide a smartphone app at this time as we feel our featherweight instant touch slimline credit-card sized remote is much quicker to use as one does not have to unlock it and then open an app to change settings. Also, while a smartphone is subject to damage when being dropped our remote is not.

  76. Greg Chin

    The spin fire machine is an excellent quality ball machine that does it exactly as promised.

    However what is more impressive is the custom support. I called on July 4 just to leave a message for someone to call me back, however the owner pick up the phone and was willing to talk to me and explain the difference between the ball machines. I had another incident my son was about to turn on the spinfire 2 and it didn’t turn on and this was about 8pm my time and about 11 pm est. I emailed support and someone responded within 2 min and told us to replace the fuse.
    I was very impressed that someone took the time to help me fix my problem way after office hours.

    So the machine is great, but everyone claims they are. The difference in my opinion is the custom service that’s what sets this company apart.

  77. Hank

    We love the Spinfire Pro 2. It does everything we want it to do. Great variety of shots for ground strokes, volleys, overheads, topspin, backspin, flat. We’re using standard balls, not pressureless ones, and it’s working just fine so far. I’ve read a few comments where people have remarked about how heavy the Spinfire is. I strongly recommend getting the model with the external battery. The battery itself is super heavy, and being able to transport the battery separately cuts the weight of the Spinfire and makes it easier to pick up. (Although it’s still a little unwieldy.) Also, the battery is plenty powerful and long-lasting, so I don’t think you need the A/C power cord unless you’re planning to run a tennis camp. The basic battery charger is also fine; charge the Spinfire overnight and you’re good to go. Finally, if you want a cover, get the basic one and not the more expensive carrying case, which we bought and haven’t even used.

    Spinfire Comment: While the Carry Case is extremely popular for many reasons, we are happy to offer a full refund to this customer for the Carry Case they are not using.

  78. Christian Loftus

    Everything about Spinfire has exceeded my expectations.
    Ordering – The Spinfire 2 arrived within two business days of purchase ready to go.
    Support – The Spinfire USA team has been available and quick to respond to my questions about the machine, remote, etc…even before I made the purchase.

    THE MACHINE – This thing is unbelievable. I have a weird schedule so I have a harder time finding players in my local area. With the Spinfire, this is no longer a concern. I have a constant on call partner that does not complain or get tired. It has really helped me take my game to the next level. The myriad of options and drills helps both my strokes and my conditioning on the court. I’m not using it to teach my wife and kids the love of the game as well. If your a tennis teaching professional this is a great tool to have in your arsenal, as you can have your students hit balls while you coach/film/record and debrief them on mechanics and technique.
    I have had the machine now for three months and have probably ran close 10000 balls through it (set point balls from spinfire). It shows no signs of slowing down and the balls have held up great. The balls are a little harder than a normal pressurized ball, so there is a little difference in the feel of the ball coming off the racquet, but the are great for stroke mechanics.
    The remote – The remote works well from across the court and the battery life seems pretty good. I haven’t had to replace the battery and I have had it out on court around 20 times.

    All in all, I couldn’t be more please with this machine. I have found zero cons.

  79. Chuck

    Best Tennis Ball Machine We Have Ever Used

    My doubles partner and I are both advanced players. We were looking for a machine that was truly portable and could provide variation of spin, speed and directional adjustments (horizontal and vertical). The Spinfire clearly met and exceeded our expectations. We have now had the machine for a few months and have used it often. Without a doubt, it had the better of us both on every use! This is a tennis partner that never misses.

    In addition, the internal oscillation makes for a much tougher workout as you cannot predict where the ball will go like you can with machines that physically swing in the direction it will throw the ball. This may not seem like a big deal but when practicing in match conditions it is critical.

    Our summary: Worth every penny.

    High Points:
    * Internal oscillation
    * Variety of spin, speed, vertical & horizontal
    * Very portable (we bought the external battery model)
    * Included remote
    * Machine matches every claim

    Low Points:
    * None

  80. Daniel R.

    I purchased a Spinfire 45 days ago complete with cover/carrying case. I am happy I ordered the external battery as it lightens the load of the main unit.
    We have to move this unit in and out of the house across uneven brick and then grass. The transport wheels are a little too small for this so we had to use the carrying case. The large single handle on the carrying case makes it more practical to carry the unit with case than without case.
    The machine itself is a joy to work with. The remote is simple as are the settings on the machine. One can easily increase or decrease the speed and with the simple angle arrows control the height and bounce. The plus and minus on the spin is a simple easy way to make adjustments.
    One of the biggest reasons for my decision to buy this was the internal oscillation. Overall we are very happy with this as it consistently puts the ball where we want it and allows our children to practice their technique to get the muscle memory.

  81. CH Li

    This is my first ball machine and it works really well. I spent quite a lot of time looking around before the purchase and I am happy about my investment in time. All the features that cheaper machines don’t have turn out to be very useful (at least to me), especially that it automatically resets to the ‘parking position’ when I turn it off. It’s very quiet. Remote is great. Control and setup is easy.
    The maximal speed of the balls out of this machine is fast, more than enough for the drill I am looking for. So far, I don’t need to go to the max speed. (I am a 4.0 player.)
    Also, separating the battery from the machine is a smart idea. It makes moving machine into or out of the car a lot more manageable.
    I definitely would recommend this machine to others.

  82. Salina

    I have a daughter that plays high level tennis and we needed something extra to help her hit extra balls. I’m not the greatest feeder so a ball machine was a perfect fit. After doing my research, I decided to go with the Spinfire. We absolutely love it! It’s very quite, a bit heavy, but not too difficult to move. The remote is absolutely priceless. My daughter is already showing improvements. Now, because I don’t have to feed her balls, I have more time to work with my son. Win! Win!

  83. Jack Rowe

    The machine does everything it claims to do. It has been a tremendous asset to my game.
    I’ve been able to use it to refine my strokes and increase my movement and endurance. If you want to up your game this is the product for you. It’s easy to use, reliable and versatile. It can help any level player make the next step in his or her game.

  84. David Johnson

    Really impressed with the ease of use and how much it is improving my game. I purchased with the external battery option and I’m very pleased with ease of the connection and the amount of time I get to practice on one charge. I haven’t had any issues and before I purchased I was very impressed with the customer service as they answered any questions I had before I purchased it. I would highly recommend the spinfire pro 2.

  85. Steve Kaufmann

    Very easy to setup and use. Easy to drag out to court. Remote is really small, easy to fit in pocket and controls all the functions. Would recommend this machine.

  86. back to the tennis

    Usually played Tennis with my wife, but lately she get promoted and spend more time with new boss then me so I complained and my wife as good as she is bought me This machine so she can spend time with new boss I can play tennis and life is GOOD )))
    Machine, I am 6’3” 195 pounds 49 years old and I believed I am In good shape but this machine hit me hard with reality I am not in the shape and this machine is just great way to improve your skills and your conditions. I played 4 times each time 2 hours middle settings and battery if indicator on machine is right is on 50% so totally happy with battery. One suggestion don’t judge first few days machine, you will need some time to adjust it by your liking and believe me today (day 4) I was enjoying every second.
    One tip, when you put machine on snooze and put it back on before you hit FEED button wait for 5-10 seconds. I was thinking remote isn’t enough to reach across the court…
    I will not talk about accuracy and how far goes left and right it is just in my opinion great, tell me any of your partner that do 100% accuracy ever time? So this machine is just great way of improve your everything…. Don’t take me wrong play with your buddy is great you can talk about new Front Desk HOT lady or I miss playing with my wife but she is either busy or when she come back she is tired, what a hell she is tired about spending time with luxury Hotel with her Boss? Don’t get it )) but if you don’t have opportunity to play with someone this is just if you can afford great way….
    On the end, this machine exceeded my expectation and there is plenty of speed and adjustment for me when I improve my fitness …..

  87. Jeff

    Did a lot of research before buying. Everything I expected. Would recommend this over a lot of other machines. Now if I could get the weather to cooperate everything would be perfect.

  88. Mike Ladage

    Received the Spinfire in one week on the west coast. Works great, easy assembly and the external battery is a nice feature.

  89. Alan Wilkerson

    I purchased my Spinfire Pro 2 in early 2014, so I’ve had it for a significant amount of time. I also purchased the Spinfire pressure-less balls, and have worn out a couple of sets (I tried another brand after the first set of Spinfire, and they were not nearly as good, so I went back to the Spinfire balls). The functions and features of the machine operate as advertised, and the machine is capable of feeding with a full variety of pace and spin, with the various vertical and horizontal patterns. It has the capability of feeding all types of shots encountered in a tennis match. It will definitely provide a great workout, and is a great tool to help develop stroke fundamentals. The machine easily fits in the back of my mid-size SUV, and it weighs about 50 lbs – I can easily get it in and out, but it’s a bit bulky and heavy for my wife to do it on her own. The remote works well, which makes it convenient to start and stop when on the other side of the net.

    I have replaced the battery a couple of times, but I have learned how to manage the life of the battery. I consistently run the battery completely down each time I use the machine, and then fully recharge it after each use. And I’ll turn it on in the garage and let it run until all of the way down and then recharge if I go more that a couple of weeks without using the machine/battery. Since I’ve started doing this, the battery has great range, and I’ve not replaced it since.

    As with any mechanical device, there has been a couple of minor issues that required repair. Leon with Spinfire USA has been incredibly responsive and helpful in guiding me through the simple repairs and providing videos to illustrate what to do. The service that I’ve received from him has been outstanding.

    The machine is a great value for someone looking to improve their tennis game.

    Spinfire Comment: We appreciate the feedback but would like to point out that the battery we supply is a ‘sealed lead acid’ (‘SLA’) battery, which is typical for ball machines of any brand. It does not have a memory effect.Therefore exhausting the battery completely should not have any effect on battery life or performance

  90. Jay K.

    I bought the Spinfire Pro 2 Tennis Ball Machine with an external battery in May 2018. I also purchased three packs of pressureless tennis balls (72 balls per pack). I am 58 years old, a very good player, and still in reasonably good shape. I used the Spinfire Pro 2 for a number of months (several times per week for about an hour at a time) and here are my impressions.

    The machine itself is fabulous! It is easy to operate, and the remote control allows me to make adjustments while on the opposite side of the court from the Spinfire Pro 2. By adjusting the speed with which the balls come out, the depth and placement of those shots, and the interval between shots, I can practice exactly the way I had hoped. The drill button allows me to alternate backhands and forehands, and I can move myself from side to side in exactly the right amounts by choosing between several drill levels. I have not had any mechanical problems with the machine such as a ball getting stuck or even so much as a misfire. I am so pleased with the machine that I would give it a 10 out of 10. Yet there is room for improvement. Below are my four (minor!) complaints.

    1. The remote control does all of the important things and is easy to use. But, ergonomically speaking, it is flawed. First, the button to halt the machine on the remote – and you will certainly want to halt the machine when making adjustments to intervals, speed, whatever – is just one of many buttons on this tiny, flat rectangular remote. The problem is that you cannot find this button (which is in the upper left corner of the remote) by feel alone, which is exactly what you will find yourself trying to do when you’re in the middle of drilling yourself. When I reach into my pocket for the remote to pause the machine (which I frequently do when the machine has worn me down and I need to slow the action down), I must simultaneously look at the remote and then dodge the balls that are flying at me (I like to have the balls shooting out fairly rapidly, as they would come at me in a serious game). I frequently push the wrong button when trying to pause the machine and end up changing something that I didn’t want to change. The obvious solution is to put a raised pause button in the center of the remote and to make it much larger than the other buttons, as this is the one button that you will use over and over.

    2. It is not easy to adjust the vertical height of the balls on either the remote or the machine itself. Oddly, the vertical adjustments are not part of the ordinary set of adjustments, and when you do attempt to make an adjustment, the machine jumps to various levels instead of simply allowing the user to slowly raise or lower the height from the existing level.

    3. The battery that I was sent was, apparently, defective. It didn’t hold a charge for long, and after a few weeks it would only last about 30 minutes on a full charge. The good news is that the Spinfire dealer was very accommodating, and he sent another battery to me at no charge. So far, the new battery is great.

    4. The Spinfire Pro 2 is pretty darn heavy. It’s quite an ordeal for me to get (a) a heavy machine, (b) a heavy battery, (c) a heavy basket of balls, and (d) a light tennis racquet to my court. I have to go up and down a few sets of stairs (I live in a condo) and, well, let’s just say that I can manage it at 58 but would not be able to do so at 78. My wife cannot lift the machine down the stairs. Of course, most people won’t have to deal with bringing the machine up and down narrow stairways. If not, it is easy to wheel the Spinfire Pro 2 with one arm on a flat surface.

    Regarding the balls: I was on the fence about which type of balls to get, but I’m very pleased with the pressureless ones. Yes, they’ve lost a little oomph over the past few months, but the loss is less than what occurs with “real” balls.

    Despite the minor negatives described above, I still give the Spinfire Pro 2 a score of 10 out of 10 because, when it comes to the important things that I was hoping to get from this expensive machine, I got it all. It is no exaggeration to say that the Spinfire Pro 2 has changed my life for the better.

  91. Krishan

    I ordered Spinfire Pro 2 for my son as he needs continuous practice. This machine is beautiful and is packed with a lot of power and variety. It is capable of simulating pretty much all possible tennis shots with a combination of settings. Settings are very easy to change from control panel or remote. Remote itself is very slim and easy to use. The best part is that machine is very quiet and the machine doesn’t move due to internal oscillation. I chose the external battery option which reduces the weight of machine and makes it easy to lift or carry the machine and battery separately. We have got so many compliments for this machine. Customer service is great. Leon was very patient and helpful in answering all my queries on phone and via email. I think I have made a right decision and my son and I plan to use this machine regularly. I will definitely recommend this machine to anyone who is serious about tennis. Just buy it you will not regret.

  92. T Dang

    Great machine. Excellent customer service!

  93. ju

    I spent a ridiculous amount of time researching these ball machines, even made a spreadsheet to compare. I spent what must be hours on the phone talking to the competitors. I must have called Spinfire about 4 times asking questions and even emailed after hours and on the weekend and got replies same day every time. Pre-sales support was fantastic. This machine isn’t cheap but by far the best value. I like it that the machine doesn’t move which is essential for random/player mode. I realized pretty quickly any machine that doesn’t have that is an old design. I also liked that you didn’t have to pay extra for the remote because you can’t really use one of these without one without running back and forth all the time to change the settings. The machine has all the kinds of settings you could possibly want and lots of drills. I can’t say anything bad about the Spinfire. I am VERY happy with my purchase.

  94. martin85

    I did a lot of research for the type of ball machine that had the features I wanted. Out of all, the Pro 2 fit what I wanted. The only thing it did not have was the ability to store specific, custom drills. The company may consider these in the future.

    The machine is easy to use and quiet. With the internal battery it is a bit heavy but nothing unmanageable. I have put nearly a thousand balls through it to date and it had performed without any problems.

    It is easy to change the speed, spin, ball interval, elevation settings from the remote control or control panel, even while balls are flying out. However, you cannot save any of those settings into memory. You have to set them manually each time so I made a small card and laminated it and keep it with the machine for quick recall of what works for me. Only the last settings are saved when the machine is turned off.

    I have used many different kinds of pressureless balls and was not a fan of them. However after speaking with the company, I decided to try two packages of them since they were supposedly designed for use with the machines. They definitely perform well, much better than balls right out of the can. They are consistently thrown by the machine and have a consistent bounce. I did find one or two that had a less than desirable bounce but that was not a problem. The balls are more than you would pay for three cases of Penn but hopefully (as much as we practice) they will outlast them.

    If you are serious about your tennis and want a partner that never tires, never complains and wears you out, the Spinfire Pro 2 is what you need.

    I highly recommend this machine and, if the company offers additional features in the future, I hope it will be offered as an upgrade to existing machines. I also recommend the balls, although they are higher than regular balls. You won’t be disappointed.

  95. jkirklambertatty

    I received the Spinfire Pro 2 about two weeks ago and am very pleased with this ball machine. The drills are great and the remote works like a charm. The portable battery back has worked out very well as I am able to leave the Spinfire in my SUV and simply transport my battery in to recharge without having to move the machine. I am using the pressureless balls and the machine is amazingly consistent with ball placement. My daughter is 8 years old and picking up tennis, and she is able to use it to practice her ground strokes and footwork as well. So far, I am very satisfied with this purchase. K Lambert

  96. David C

    The Spinfire is a great ball machine. I’ve had my machine for about 3 years and it has provided hours of great drills and exercise. I even upgraded my machine to have the full featured remote which is now being sold with new machines. Internal oscillation, two-line drills and horizontal and vertical drills make this a true full featured machine. I also like being able to move the throwing wheels with the remote from one side to the other for fine tuning from the opposite end of the court. The machine can also be put into sleep mode when picking up balls which conserves the battery. The machine is portable but it’s on the large size so it may be a challenge fitting it into a smaller car but if you have a mid-size or larger vehicle, it shouldn’t be an issue. The company (Spinfire) is fantastic. I had a defective throwing wheel and they replaced both wheels for free even though my machine was beyond the warranty period. They truly stand by their machine and provide excellent customer service. Leon was great to work with and very knowledgeable about the Spinfire product. If you are looking at a full featured machine, you should definitely consider Spinfire. It’s not inexpensive but compared to other machines with similar features, it’s definitely a good value. Happy hitting!


    I upgraded my remote to the new one.
    It is took 9 or 10 day (count Sat and Sun) with service done really fast!
    Remote itself just awesome – small, fits in your pocket, don’t have antenna.
    And by the way you can keep it as i do in little zip-lock kind of bag – so it will not get wet in your sweat!

    On the other side – the firmware on the machine itself got updated.
    I notice good change in the way how interval is controlled. Before it was a bit not smooth and was really changing a lot between 5 and 7 … while you would not feel difference going below 5 …

    And btw I’m not using buttons on the machine anymore – just remote – it is more comfortable – no need to use menu button and scroll through settings.

    Also a big person THANK YOU!!! to Leon who helped me and guided through whole process of upgrade!!!


    I’ve got this ball machine about a month ago I can say – this is AWESOME!
    In 2-3 weeks you will start to see the result.
    I like all features in it and will not list them.
    Would go only through the “good to improve/change list”

    1. Small wheels.
    2. Flimsy and hard to retract handle.

    In the features to be added I would like to have:
    1. Memory slots for different settings combination.
    2. TBD

    And here is my video hitting with ball my best partner – Spinfire Pro 2!!!


  99. Tennis Mom

    I ordered the Spinfire Pro 2 for my daughter. She is 12 and I can’t keep up any more. This machine provides extraordinary challenge even on the low settings. She will definitely be able to grow with this machine. The cost was steep, but not out of line with other machines of it’s caliber. The user guide is easy, but it would be great to have a quick guide to stick on the side or something. But I’m sure it will get easier to remember different settings as we continue to use it. If you have a favorite setting, the machine will automatically remember the last setting used. It is very heavy! So getting it in and out of the SUV is a bear for us. All in all, I’m very happy with the purchase and the customer service was excellent!

  100. Topspin

    Light, very mobile. Super work out. Does everything preparing one for the complete all court game.

  101. Spencer

    I purchased the Spinfire Pro 2 about a month ago had have enjoyed every aspect of it. The settings are easy to use. The system does everything that is advertised. The Internal oscillation is a great feature!!!

    Other companies offered similar products that promote additional features that – just aren’t accurate. Spinfire Pro 2 is the real deal.

  102. Critique

    The Spinpro 2 is a great tool for practicing your game. However, it would be better if it were easier to see the programmable screen on the machine itself. It is somewhat difficult to understand all the possibilities of practice. I do not regret investing in this ball machine. This machine is great and fulfilled my expectations.

  103. Triath

    My son and I are using the Spinfire 2 almost daily. It has been very consistent and reliable from the start. Transport has been easy with handle and wheels. The internal oscillation is ideal. The remote works well. Overall a great value and everything we were looking for!

  104. Jonathan

    Daughter loves it, she uses it everyday after school

  105. Tennis Terminator Robot

    The great thing about these tennis ball machines is that they never complain or argue, never cancel last minute on you and are always ready when you are.

    This machine is great, I hope it will serve me and my son for many years. This is a great machine for practice and a good work out.

    Easy to program with on front panel or with remote. That remote is very handy and it works from the other side of the court. Great spin, ball speed and oscillation. The drills work fine.

    The Spinfire however does have a few minor flaws in my opinion, such as:
    – It is quite a weight, so if you’re not that strong then maneuvering this thing in an out of a car will be a power lifting challenge. No way for a kid or a lady to lift it in/out of a vehicle
    – If you have a soft-top you could probably lift it into the back seat but I recommend a car with a rear cargo door (e.g. RAV4)
    – Access to the battery charging socket isn’t possible with the hopper in its reverse position, so as somebody else suggested, a hole should be drilled for that or socket should be moved
    – The wheels are a bit small compared to the lobster so over rough ground or up and down curbs/sidewalks can be tricky
    – Although the retractable luggage style handle works well and is comfortable it doesn’t feel as solid as I’d expect from a $2,100 machine
    – Could do with a portable QuickStart guide to have at the court side to help with working out the settings and modes, I made my own which was really handy and I have table to record my own settings too

    I think the machine may be targeted for really good players because the ball speed, spin and drills would kill many that dare to try some of the max settings, especially with a full load. Who has $300 to spend on filling this thing up with 200 balls. Perhaps a smaller model (Spinfire Pro Lite) with 80 ball capacity will be available in the future for those that need a lighter machine. After all, those pressureless balls come in packs up to 72balls and a those ball pick up baskets usually hold up to 80balls.

    Luckily none of the above issues bother me much I am really pleased with my purchase.

    I almost forget to mention. The machine arrived within 2days!!! So, excellent shipping. When I contacted customer service with some of my suggestions they received them in a very constructive and appreciative manor, so full marks to customer satisfaction.

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